Picture of Minecraft Creeper Hat
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Show your Minecraft pride and make a Creeper hat! This hat is easy, fun, and will definitely get you into your creative mode.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make the hat, you will need:
-At least 1/3 yard of green fleece
-Some black fleece (About 5x5")
-The pattern below. It's fairly easy enough to make your own if needed
-A kitty companion
Talbot_McKee2 months ago
That looks warm to wear on a cold winter day.
I hate minecraft but this hat looks pretty cool
yosr rambo1 year ago
Ooooo good
There already is a minecraft beanie
pie popper (author)  FoolishGool1 year ago

Is there really? I did search it beforehand but didn't see any!

Awesome! Love kitty assistants!

FranckLush1 year ago
I love it <3 thanks n\\\\n