Introduction: Minecraft Creeper Hat

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Show your Minecraft pride and make a Creeper hat! This hat is easy, fun, and will definitely get you into your creative mode.

Step 1: Materials

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To make the hat, you will need:
-At least 1/3 yard of green fleece
-Some black fleece (About 5x5")
-The pattern below. It's fairly easy enough to make your own if needed
-A kitty companion

Step 2: Cutting Everything Out

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You can download the pattern in the previous step or freehand draw your
own. The most important things are making sure it's wide enough on the bottom edge (mine is 11 1/2 inches) and that it's symmetrical.

For the face, it's important to make sure your lines are straight and you have right angles. Using graph paper as a pattern will make this so much easier! You can use the pattern in the fourth picture or make your own.

Step 3: Putting Darts in the Top of the Hat

Picture of Putting Darts in the Top of the Hat

Take each part of the green pieces and fold them in half, hot dog style, with the right sides in. At the very top, measure two inches down and mark with a pin. About 1/2 inch over from the fold on the top, draw a diagonal line with a piece of chalk down to the pin you marked. (First picture) Sew along this line to make a dart, decreasing the size of the top. (Pictures 3 and 4)

Step 4: Sewing the Hat Together

Picture of Sewing the Hat Together

Take both sides and match the darts at the top, pinning with the right sides in. Match the sides all around and pin as well. Sew along the entire edge.

If you want a nicer look on the inside, you can finish the edge with an over-stitch.

Step 5: Sew Up the Brim

Picture of Sew Up the Brim

Keep the hat inside out and try it on. Fold the excess fabric up to your desired length. Using a mirror, pin the brim so you can keep the placement. Be careful not to poke yourself! Once you have the hat off, measure where you pinned and make sure it's the same all the way around the hat, pinning as you go. Sew all the way around. Turn right side out and you have finished the basic hat!

Step 6: Sew on the Face

Picture of Sew on the Face

Place the mouth on the front of the hat and pin in place. Sew all the way around, picking up the foot to turn at the corners. Do the same with the eyes. Be sure to clip away any extra threads and uneven edges.

You have finished your hat!


ProtectTheAlphaWolf made it! (author)2016-04-30


Wow, you did a fantastic job! Thanks so much for sharing

Artemis Z made it! (author)2015-09-02

I made it, but I just used the pattern and your methods because I don't have any green fleece. I will be making the creeper hat soon though. :)

pie popper (author)Artemis Z2015-09-02

It's looking great! I sometimes try out new patterns with scrap fabric to see how it works out. Now you know what to do when you use your green fleece :D The basic hat pattern allows you to make so many hats though... the posibilities are endless.

Talbot_McKee (author)2015-06-25

That looks warm to wear on a cold winter day.

Face_spades (author)2014-08-01

I hate minecraft but this hat looks pretty cool

yosr rambo (author)2014-01-24

Ooooo good

FoolishGool (author)2014-01-19

There already is a minecraft beanie

pie popper (author)FoolishGool2014-01-19

Is there really? I did search it beforehand but didn't see any!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-01-12

Awesome! Love kitty assistants!

FranckLush (author)2014-01-12

I love it <3 thanks n\\\\n

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