We were hosting a Minecraft LAN party for my pre-teen son and his friends, and we needed some refreshments to force them all to tear themselves out of their seats for a few minutes in the middle.  We came up with this Minecraft-themed snack, based on cubes of rice crispy treats and jell-o.  You can actually mine the cubes with a spoon, and then eat 'em!

It was a big hit at the party.  Some kids liked the "dirt" (especially with grass on top), some preferred the sand, and one chowed down on the "water."  But they all thought it was super cool.

This is my very first Instructable, so please bear with me...

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

• 18 cups of Rice Krispies cereal (or generic equivalent)
• 3 10-oz bags of mini marshmallows
• 1 package mini chocolate chips (we used semisweet)
• 1 cup Ovaltine or other chocolate powder
• 3 boxes blue jell-o
• 1 can white frosting
• green food coloring
• 1 9x13" pan
• 1 8x8" pan
• standard cookware
That looks so awesome!!! It looks so much like what you would see in minecraft itself!
<p> a tbe check me out just look up eckosoldier on youtube</p>
<p>have you tried making a minecraft cake great work</p>
<p>It was time consuming, but I think it came out great!</p>
<p>Would cocoa work in place of Ovaltine?</p>
I hope I will get to make this.
I love minecraft and treats, you sir, deserve 5 start ;)
Oooh, so many good snacks all in one place! Awesome!
This is great! I am going to surprise my brother with this for his 13th birthday next month.
Thats what happen when you get the &quot;seeing block every where&quot; effect after playing too much minecraft :)
All I can say is *face palm* lol, good work, it looks great.
Big thumbs up from this Minecraft addict! How fun! :)

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