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Introduction: Minecraft Diamond Necklace

Ever wanted your own diamond necklace? Yeah, offcourse everybody wants it but minecraft lovers will love this necklace more than the real ones for sure.

So guys I'm back with this Minecraft Diamond Necklace.
I was wondering to make something for the Minecraft Contest but I was not getting any ideas until my sister demanded my parents for a diamond necklace while I was playing Minecraft, And I was like ' yeah, diamond necklace as minecraft diamond necklace'.

Below are instructions on this necklace so N'JOY

Step 1: Materials

For this necklace you will be needing the following items...

1. Cardboard
2. Glue Stick
3. Scissors
4. Water Colours
5. Clay
6. Ball beaded chain

Step 2: Levels

Take a reference pic of the diamond and observe its shape....
We are making this diamond in levels so after cutting the cardboard glue the all the levels together.

Step 3: Clay Coat

Prepare your clay and cover it on your diamond this will strengthen your diamond and will give it a nice look....
COVER COVER COVER...................

Step 4: Paint It

Paint your diamond by using a reference pic of the diamond and let it dry for a while.
(note-- Use a nice and thin brush to paint and after drying take a marker and give a little details.)

Step 5: Hook Up

Add the chain to the diamond and rockkk.

Step 6: Thankings

Thank you for seeing this instructable and if you liked it please vote it in the Minecraft and Papercraft Contest.
I was really exited about the minecraft contest so I have entered a creeper in that please take a look and vote it.....

And if you have any questions related to these instructions please ask me in the comments section.



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Wow thats very great idea but im wanted for the emerald necklace

Way to go man, you just ruined the spotlight for him lol


It's very good

8 bit :)
good idea

Thanks, Annakrov fr ur interest, please vote it.........

you my friend are one of the biggest minecraft lovers, other than me of course.