This only works with blocks not items : if you want items than check my other dup trick

Step 1: Open Minecraft Pe

Step 2: Open World

Step 3: Open Chest

Step 4: Put Item in the Chest

Step 5: Close Chest

Step 6: Open Chest and Get Item

Step 7: Close Chest

Step 8: Place Block

Step 9: Exit Minecraft Pe

Step 10: Double Click HOME

Step 11: Delete Minecraft Pe Icon (NOT APP)

Step 12: Enter Minecraft and World

TADA if it didn't work than try again and if it still doesn't work than email me Knightofthewind5@aol.com
That's an epic glitch
I love you now<br/>
Good job:)
I have 3 chests full
I did the glitch a lot
now get 1000 blocks... xD
now get 1000 blocks... xD

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