This video shows how to duplicate items. The item you duplicate will disapear after 5 minutes so make it into a block if you can. When the torch lights up take the diamond out and you have 1 real and 1 glitched.
This is so NOT an instructable! It's just a video link of some sort!<br><br>
Was this all a mean trick? :(
no this was a working glitch but the minecraft company fixed it
im very sorry everyone but this video has been accidentenly deleted from my account i am on a vacation and fix the issue when i get back. <br> <br> Sincerely BlueCreation
it says the video does not exist???????? CONFUSED
Does it work for 1.5.2? <br> <br>plz reply quickly <br>
Omg yes it does work you can try it
yes it does
Does this work?!?!?!
Yes it does its not a scam i have done it many times

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