Minecraft Enderman Hat

Picture of Minecraft Enderman Hat
Get into creative mode and make an Enderman Hat! This hat is easy, fun, and definitely a minecrafter's favorite.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

-1/2 yard of black fleece
-A few inches of white fleece
-A few inches of light purple/pink fleece

-A Kitty

Step 2: Cutting Everything Out

Picture of Cutting Everything Out
You can download the pattern in the previous step or freehand draw your own. The most important things are making sure it's wide enough on the bottom edge (mine is 11 inches) and that it's symmetrical.

For the eyes, I used graph paper to ensure the measurements are correct. Mine was 4 squares per inch, so the eyes are 3 inches long and 1 inch high.

Step 3: Putting Darts in Top of Hat

Picture of Putting Darts in Top of Hat
Take each part of the black pieces and fold them in half, hot dog style, with the right sides in. At the very top, measure two inches down and mark with a pin. About 1/2 inch over from the fold on the top, draw a diagonal line with a piece of chalk down to the pin you marked. (First picture)

Sew along this line to make a dart, decreasing the size of the top. (Pictures 2 and 3)

Step 4: Sewing the Hat Together

Take the two black sections and match the darts at the top. Pin in place. Match the sides all around and pin as well. Sew along the entire edge.

You can finish the bottom edge with an overstitch to make it look nicer. This was stitch 7 on my machine.

Step 5: Sew up the Brim

Picture of Sew up the Brim
Keep the hat inside out and try it on. Fold the excess fabric up to your desired length. Using a mirror, pin the brim so you can keep the placement. Be careful not to poke yourself!
Once you have the hat off, measure where you pinned and make sure it's the same all the way around the hat, pinning as you go.
Sew all the way around.
Turn right side out and you have finished the basic hat! Of course, make sure your kitty approves before you continue.
drinkmoretea3 months ago
might be easier to glue or sew the eyes on a plain black beanie
MaxPanda3 months ago
Thank you for the tutorial it helped alot i had alot of fun making this!
GBFace4 months ago
How much spare do you have??
pie popper (author)  GBFace4 months ago
Spare? What do you mean?
I think it is Necessary: A Kitty! Must have kitty approval to make this project!
Yes yes, your quite right about the cat.
billbillt4 months ago
Pyronx4 months ago
I want this XD
Dillon123 4 months ago
wander over yonder I think is better than minecraft
HollyMann4 months ago
Awesome! LOVE IT! MY son would def. need one of these. And I agree - the kitty is a great touch!

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