Step 3: Firework Lighter

This is what ignites the TNT (AKA firework)
Preview picture. Finished firework lighter.
1. Put a block on any of the inside corners like so.
2. Put a block on the floating block opposite of the block you just placed.
3. Put three blocks onto the back of the block you just placed like so.
4. Put 4 blocks on each side of what you made in 2 and 3.
5. Put blocks on the outside of what you made in 4, but don't put one on top of the one you placed in step 2.
6. Place a sign on the side of the block you placed in 2 like so.
7. Where you going to be placing the lava. 
8. The sign should stop the lava.
9. Finished product.

Lol, remember trying this once and it blew up.
Watch this and join http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPP9Q75RUoU&amp;feature=plcp
UMMMM... Mine blew up completely! :(
Is it reusable?
Yeah, just got to reload the TNT.
lol! At the end, putting in.......SHEEEP was very affective on my laughter lol but still,wyed u put it in there?
Because I'm a rebel.
That was the best!iv seen ALOT of minecraft instructables and of all of those ones this is the best!!!! <br> <br>P.S.epic skin dude :D
awsome skin....
Nice design, but it's inefficient if you have to run across the contraption to activate two separate pressure plates. You should rig them together using redstone and repeaters, which makes it much simpler.
Well, it is somewhat inefficient, but it makes it easier to prevent misfires, I usually put the TNT in the middle, so I know I won't accidently set it off, because I won't step on the pressure plate accidently. This way is more compact, is more &quot;clean&quot; looking, and make it so much easier to build. This way was also alot faster to design. Sure it could be more efficient, but it works the way it is, works well at that, so I'll just leave it the way it is. Thanks for the input though.
I looked at your setup again and I think I agree that the shape of it might work better with the pressure plates than rigged together, but I disagree that it's harder to put them together, because it only takes a bit of redstone and a block or two :P However, bravo to you for the lava entry you created- I love it. I stuck one on top of the fireworks contraption I made and it makes it much cooler, though it's strange that it works out. Silly Minecraft.
I'm trying to figure you out how to launch multiple TNT at once. I'm not the redstone type, so it's kinda complicated for me lol<br>
That's actually a neat idea...the way I set mine up, it'd be really easy to try it out. I'll give it a shot and let you know if it works.
If you get it to work, you should upload a pic.<br>
alright, I'll give it a go in a second. Due to the shape of my cannon, it will have to fire five, though....oh, well. The more, the merrier!
Any luck? All I get is big booms everytime...
Haha yup, I saw this comment and had it working within five minutes :P My old cannon has an obsidian container for the TNT, though, because there're like over twenty blocks of TNT for propulsion used, so I had to :P First pic is an overview, second is what's underneath.
Lol, nice.. You need to make an instructable on it.. :P<br>
I might, I might...maybe soon. But It would be a partial one because building the redstone trigger was annoying lol.
atlas skin :)
Portal 2 ftw! ^^

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