Super easy and uses stuff that you already have! Also a great geeky gift!

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:

Empty tissue box

Any type of light (as long as you can stuff it into a tissue box)

Several sheets of thin plastic


An X-Acto knife

Scotch tape

Painter's tape

Red sharpie



Gray paint

<p>Great job ;)</p><p>I think I'm gonna make it </p>
<p>Nice work!</p>
<p>Very cool ! :)</p>
<p>it would be cool if you found a way to insert leds and switch, pressure sensor, but what would be even cool if you found a way to attach it to a minecraft button(i know it does not work that way in minecraft but it would be cool:) its just an idea)</p>
<p>Nice, I'm making one right now, but I'm using styrofoam instead.</p>
This looks awesome and I'm going to try it later!!!!
<p>Awesome! I'm making my son's bedroom completely Minecraft. This is perfect! &lt;3 it!</p>
<p>Oh my son would like this</p>
it looks really cool,shame I cant try it

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