Picture of Minecraft Glowing Redstone Block
Super easy and uses stuff that you already have! Also a great geeky gift!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
14, 1:15 PM.jpg
14, 1:15 PM.jpg
What you'll need:

Empty tissue box

Any type of light (as long as you can stuff it into a tissue box)

Several sheets of thin plastic


An X-Acto knife

Scotch tape

Painter's tape

Red sharpie



Gray paint

Step 2: Tissue Box

Picture of Tissue Box
Once you find an empty tissue box cut the plastic off around the hole.

Step 3: Covering The Tissue Box In Tape

Picture of Covering The Tissue Box In Tape
14, 1:15 PM.jpg
To paint this tissue box later on, you're going to need to cover it in painters tape first (unless your tissue box is solid gray)

Step 4: Design

Picture of Design
14, 1:15 PM.jpg
14, 1:15 PM.jpg
14, 1:15 PM.jpg
Sketch a design (similar to the papercraft pattern above) on all of the sides except for the side with the hole in it, that is the bottom.

Step 5: Cut Out Design

Picture of Cut Out Design
14, 1:16 PM.jpg
With the X-Acto knife, cut out the design you made on all of the sides but the bottom. This part may take a while, and you might have to fiddle with some parts of the box.

Step 6: Paint

Picture of Paint
14, 1:16 PM.jpg
After you've done this paint all of the sides (including the bottom) a solid gray color.

Step 7: Plastic

Picture of Plastic
14, 1:16 PM.jpg
Cut squares in the plastic that is a bit smaller than the sides of the box. Tape each one on the inside of the box so the design has plastic behind it.

(I had already moved on when I took this photo...)

Step 8: Color It Red

Picture of Color It Red
With the red sharpie, carefully color all of the showing plastic red. (It helps to do small up and down motions)

Step 9: Light It!

Picture of Light It!
14, 1:16 PM.jpg
14, 1:16 PM.jpg
Now, all you have to do is put the light in! My light could fit into the hole sideways and not fall out because it was slightly larger than the hole, but if your light is smaller I would recommend taping it in place or adding another piece of cardboard that the light could go through.

Step 10: Done

Picture of Done
14, 1:16 PM.jpg
14, 1:16 PM.jpg
14, 1:16 PM.jpg

Step 11: Vote Please!!

If you like it, please vote for me in the Spectrum Contest! I would really appreciate it!
GabieLaFouine3 months ago

Very cool ! :)

char67086 months ago

it would be cool if you found a way to insert leds and switch, pressure sensor, but what would be even cool if you found a way to attach it to a minecraft button(i know it does not work that way in minecraft but it would be cool:) its just an idea)

Nice, I'm making one right now, but I'm using styrofoam instead.

This looks awesome and I'm going to try it later!!!!
melmomma61 year ago

Awesome! I'm making my son's bedroom completely Minecraft. This is perfect! <3 it!

Oh my son would like this

志簡1 year ago
it looks really cool,shame I cant try it