How-to on Iron and Snow Golems!!!

Step 1: Iron Golem

'T' shape out of Iron Blocks, add pumpkin last. Iron Golem has about 100 health and does lots of damage to mobs

Step 2: Snow Golem

2-block tower with pumpkin on top. Add pumpkin last. Throws snowballs and leaves a trail of snow. NOTE: snowballs only make monsters mad, although is effective against endermen and ender dragon. maybe use as bait or lure?
<p>oh yeah, if you do not want them to actually work, like me for the pictures, use a substitute block for 1 of the snow/iron blocks and replace it <em>after</em> you add the pumpkin.</p>
this works for all versions
(computer, phone, console version)
Yeah, it works in PS, PC, Xbox, WiiU, and PE. So basically all versions and consoles.
<p>probably raspberry pi, too </p>

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