Introduction: Minecraft Hack: How to Make a Invisible Block

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This is a pretty cool hack or trick if you want to do this in your friends doorway. I made it in the Xbox 360.

So to make a invisible block you need

At least 1 block (of your choice

1 bonemeal

1 ladder

1 Grass block

Step 1: The Invisible Block

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So what you do is place your block (I made a doorway to demonstrate) and then use the bonemeal on the grass block in the doorway (or next to your block) so a tall grass will appear on it then place the ladder in the tall grass. When you do this it creates a invisible block. As you can see in the second picture the faint lines of a block. and then me standing on it ( in the third picture) I hope you enjoyed this instructable and don't forget to Vote :)


GideonH (author)2015-01-05

I all ways wanted it know how that worked!

kevanchristian (author)GideonH2015-02-16

They accually use a barrier to make an invisible block its \give (username) barrier

KyleW135 made it! (author)kevanchristian2017-11-11

Thanks for the advice

KyleW135 made it! (author)2017-11-11

It either doesnt work on PC or doesnt work in 1.12

Crazy-Hyena (author)2017-07-14

Does it work on Wii U edition?

Joe Moger (author)2016-04-07

Does this work in minecraft 1.9?


coolchristian (author)2015-09-06


cacj131 (author)2015-01-08

Did you make your skin? I made mine and was just wondering if you did cause your prof pic matches your mc skin.

Mysterious_Gal (author)cacj1312015-01-09

I did not make it I just found it in a skin pack

GideonH (author)2015-01-07

Yea you might want to say in your instructibles that it's in MC Xbox

GideonH (author)2015-01-06

I tried it in 1.8 and it didn't work. Do you know why?

Mysterious_Gal (author)GideonH2015-01-07

I don't think it works in 1.8 I did it but it did not work for me either.

Mysterious_Gal (author)GideonH2015-01-06

I will try it in 1.8 & see if it works

Mysterious_Gal (author)GideonH2015-01-06

I did it in the xbox version i don't know if it works there.

Rhetorical_Save (author)2015-01-06

Nice! I love your skin too!

Thanks :)

Its more like a glitch though. (Me being picky ignore pls)

Mysterious_Gal (author)2015-01-04


thedarklordofxbox (author)2015-01-03

That's really cool

cacj131 (author)2015-01-03

lol nice troll. never thought of this! Im a minecraft griefer hacker and troller so I think this is pretty cool.

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