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Introduction: Minecraft Helicopter

About: I like to play Minecraft PC, if you want me to build something leave it in the comments.

An unexpected build today!

Step 1: Stand

Make a high stand so we can build

Step 2: Base

Make a 5x2 rectangle on the stand

Step 3: Base Extended

Add another 5x2 base connected to the first

Step 4: Body

Make a 4 block high walls except for the front

Step 5: Glass

Add 2 blocks of glass and a block on the front

Step 6: Roof

Add a roof

Step 7: Tail

Add a tail in the shape of a "F"

Step 8: Explode the Ground!!

Step 9: Finished!!

Your done



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    I would like it if you could do a instructables on a neighborhood house, think you can do that?

    This is the worst build ever! That looks like a strange floating box with windows and a tail!

    You might want to add the the rotators.

    That wasn't your best, wasn't it? If it was, then go look at some pictures of helicopters in Minecraft.

    This is victors helicopter from despicable me!

    you forgot the propellers

    why is this in the technology section?