Picture of Minecraft Hidden Door
Be sure to  check out my other secret door here.

I share a server with some friends and they always steal my stuff(is it my fault for being well stocked). In this instructable I shall create a floor to wall secret door. BTW if my friends are watching, this isn't where i'm keeping my gold and diamond. :) oh and please rate and comment.

Items needed:

A pick and shovel

2 sticky pistons

lots of redstone

20 or so redstone torches

4 buttons

torches for light

smooth stone

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Step 1: Digging out and setting up

Picture of Digging out and setting up
the first image is the box switch( if it has a real name please tell me) it controls the doors opening and closing. When power is directed to the dead side, it becomes the live side while the other becomes the dead side. see pictures.

Step 2: Setting up the pistons

Picture of setting up the pistons
this is a cross diagram on how you want to set up your pistons.

Step 3: Wiring

Picture of Wiring
Look at the diagram to set up your door

Step 4: Signal extenders

Picture of signal extenders
some times the buttons are too far away for the signal gets to the box switch so here is an easy trick to extend the signal:

Step 5: Store your valuables

Picture of Store your valuables
at the end of your tunnel or door make a room to put your gold or diamond in. mines surrounded by obsidian because its blast proof from TNT.