Introduction: Minecraft High Top Table and Chairs

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Hi welcome to this inscrutable I'm going to give all this credit to my little bro who 7 he made it while playing minecraft I thought it was good enough for an instructable so I hope you enjoy

Step 1: Materials

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1 slab 5 pieces of fence 4 stairs 8 signs

Step 2: The Table

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This is pretty easy all you do is put a piece of fence down and place a slab atop of it

Step 3: The Chairs

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This one is just as easy place a piece of fence then put a stair on it then on the the sides of the star place blank sings

Step 4: Thanks for Reading

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Now you can do what ever you want with this nice set of a table and chairs I would love to see what you do with these please post pics in the comments thanks;)


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