Minecraft House





Introduction: Minecraft House

Step 1: Digging

dig a hole 5/5

Step 2: Floors and Walls

Put flooring of cobblestone on the bottom layer of your house. After your done that take your stone and make a layer of walls. And then after that's done, take oak wood planks.

Step 3: Roofing

Take grass and place it on top of your oak wood planks and make a roof. Take a trap door and brake a one block hole into your house after that your finished!

Step 4: Decorating

This is the simplest step of them all, decorating! You need to craft two chests, a crafting table, a furnace and a bed. Brake two holes in the side of the wall and make a large chest to fill the hole, then you take your crafting table and put it in front of the chest then take your furnace and put it beside the crafting table. Finally take your bed and put it in a corner.



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Dude nice house but it is a bunker right?

Using screenshots will definitely increase your ratings. The pictures are too hard to see.

Screenshots would get you my vote