Introduction: Minecraft House

Picture of Minecraft House

Today we will make a minecraft house

Step 1: Base

Picture of Base

Make a 6 x 6 plate.

Step 2: Walls

Picture of Walls

Make walls 3 high.

Step 3: Roof

Picture of Roof

Make roof

Step 4: Light

Picture of Light

Make glowstone lamps

Step 5: Doors

Picture of Doors

Add some doors and stairs.


Laralog000 (author)2016-01-26

Small but very cool. (author)2014-11-29

ded good bro

Dudespie (author)2014-09-14

a neat little shack :3

SWAG SNIPER 412 (author)2014-04-19

Not my type of house

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Bio: I like to play Minecraft PC, if you want me to build something leave it in the comments.
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