Introduction: Minecraft House

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Step 1:

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Make a flat surface.

Step 2:

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Pick your brick

Step 3:

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Outline with brick

Step 4:

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Three floors up top one for roof starter.

Step 5:

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Add a back door for a emergency .

Step 6:

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Then you have your house!


bigfoot4263 (author)2014-08-31

Hey it's Bigfoot4263 this is one of my accounts

bigfoot2003264 (author)2013-10-03

I would like it if you reply on what you think of it

awesomness2002 (author)2013-09-07


awesomness2002 (author)2013-08-28

Hey Bigfoot awesomeness here I love the awesome video you made it helps a blonde out to figure tough things out

bigfoot2003264 (author)2013-08-28

Hey there minecraft lovers have fun creating your minecraft house

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