Picture of Minecraft Hut


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Step 1: Wood

Picture of Wood
Make a three tall wood stand make four and make sure that in the middle we have three blocks apart

Step 2: Door

Picture of Door
13, 8:43 AM.jpg
Put a wall with a door slot make sure that it is a block out

Step 3: Rest Of The Wall

Picture of Rest Of The Wall
Do what you did to the door but no door slots

Step 4: Roof

Picture of Roof
Just put the roof on

Step 5: Finished

Picture of Finished
I made a bunch of these and spawned villagers and they loved them
bparsons51 year ago
This is actually really good, I have the PS3 version, I had made this on survival for my survival house but all I did was added windows and another floor :)
Bobey (author) 1 year ago
echenoweth1 year ago
Nice house you got there
Could u put doors on all four sides to make villagers spawn better
Bobey (author) 2 years ago
I have the computer version also and I built it there this time I built it on the PE version
PaulFrank2 years ago
You can't spawn villagers on Minecraft pocket edition