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    what is the bannana

    Can you check out the torch below you?

    You put together textures in MSPaint?

    Photoshop isn't necessarily the only option, I just happened to have it conveniently in ~/Applications and not MSPaint. is good too.

    Yeah, it's more manual than the 'shopping though. I'm too simple to use complicated programs so i have to us something I can fare with :D Pretty much every program that hadles .png format and resizing can be used, I guess.

    Yeah. It's not too program specific.

    I see room redecoration in my future, once I get a color printer. Might even put LEDs in them.

    Just curious..... Isn't a minecraft block just 1m tall? Cuz Notch is Swedish. Which means that he probably uses the metric system. Which (since the player character is just short of two blocks tall) makes him approximately 1.7 or 1.8 meters tall. That's right around 5'8". Also, torches are then about .5m tall, which makes them approximately 18 inches tall. That's not bad for an actual torch.

    Anyway, great instructible! I also found a way to make a slightly less accurate torch that actually lights up the room. Kinda cool as well.

    Yeah, Minecraft blocks are meant to be a meter tall. I wanted to try to be as accurate as possible, but the available print sizes only allowed for a foot tall torch.