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Introduction: Minecraft Italian Library

About: I like Minecraft, Medieval architecture (primarily castles), K'nex guns, and things that explode. Be sure to check out my K'nex guns and SUBSCRIBE!!!

 This is my latest Minecraft creation. It is a quartz library that is in the Rennaisance or Neoclassical style. If anyone can show me how to make a file available for download on Instructables, then I would be happy to include the Minecraft world save.

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    Sorry dude, but this build is ancient! I have more Minecraft stuff of Planet Minecraft. Here's my PMC page: http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/plinkster702/ The builds are quite old though. I plan to post more and even hope to start a YouTube channel. If I make a channel, I would post a lot of Minecraft building content (including some tutorials). Stay tuned!

    I think it looks fine with all quartz.

    Huh?.....Oh I mean to say "Nice build man" so yes I like it. But, just a tip of advice, try to incorporate some sort of secondary color instead of all quarts. Using stone bricks can really look nice when off setting the primary color of the quarts.