Introduction: Minecraft Item Dispenser (Low-Tech [Survival Friendly])

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In this Instructable I am going to show you how to make a low-tech, survival friendly item dispenser (for a fancier version look at my other Instructable: Minecraft Item Dispenser (Hi-Tech).

Step 1: What You Need

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You will need:

9 blocks of your choice

3 droppers

6 redstone torches

3 buttons

3 item frames (optional)

Items to put in item frames and droppers

Step 2: Let's Start

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Place 3 of the blocks of your choice in a row and put another row on top of that. On top of the blocks place 3 droppers.

Step 3: On the Front

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Place your item frames (optional) and buttons like in the picture

Step 4: Torches

Picture of Torches

Place torches on the back of the blocks that have buttons on them, place 3 blocks of your choice on top of the torches you just placed, and place your last 3 torches on top of those blocks and they should turn off.

Step 5: Almost Done!

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Now all you need to is place the items in the item frames and put the items into the correct droppers. You are finished!

RedKing9132 out!


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