It is very simple. Not very effictive agiasnt people who search the ground. Can be very effictive in hidden areas.

Step 1: Step 2: Materials

Read the signs!

Step 2: Assembly

Follow the pictures.

Step 3: Tested Myself and WORKS!

It works! (even if i blew up the tnt with flint and steel) plz plz plz comment!
But u can see the pressure plate!
Is it todays Third Mimecraft guide by you?
I think so, I'm new to making Minecraft tutorials, so I'm making a lot.
Nice for Defense , but hey wait , You need a lot of blocks for Repairing , Givr you a Hint : Ise Obsidian to Control the explosion( Simply cover it from four sides Not Covering the top then Make it look like Soil around..
it does work for the record. just have a real pressure plate.

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