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Introduction: Minecraft Lava Bed Trap

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This trap is really neat if someone gets into the bed lava pours out and covering them and they don't die right away but when morning comes or they get out of the bed they die and that is now their spawn point So they keep spawning back there and keep dying over and over again it is the perfect trap. I got the idea from FedEx gaming. I did it in the xbox 360 edition. I hope you enjoy.

Step 1:

44 blocks of your choice (I used quarts)

1 bed

3 pistons

1 painting

1 dispenser

1 bucket of lava

4 redstone torches

1 redstone dust

Step 2:

First dig a hole that is 3x3 and 2 deep. then place a block one block off the ground and place your bed on it.

Step 3:

Now break the second block where the head is and place a piston upside down and place a block under it. On the block you placed under it place a redstone torch and over the redstone torch place a block.

Step 4:

On the block over the redstone torch place redstone torches All over it . Then over the back torch place a block and put redstone on it. Then go to behind the bed place a block then a dispenser on it then go into sneak mode and place a picture on the dispensers.

Step 5:

on the side of on both sides of the bed and paint place a block over them then go to the back and under the bottom redstone torch break the block in front of it and below it.

Step 6:

You're all done now when someone gets into the bed or you break the block next to the bed the lava will pour out covering the person. I hope you enjoyed this instructable. Don't forget to vote that's what my mom says.



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    39 Discussions

    I played the prank on my friend

    I played Tia prank on my brother

    shouldn't you add more along the wall to camofaulge it?

    its good although i would notice a random painting and i would suggest using the pistons to push the dispenser out to dispense the lava. It is very complicated and very resource intensive but would be worth it in the long run.

    1 reply

    How did you put the picture on the dispenser without opening the dispenser screen? Are you using computer edition?

    1 reply

    If you go into crouch mode (by pushing Down on, I think it is right stick) you can place things on a dispenser.

    Im in a Serious Problem now , God my Friends want to Create a Plane which can fly in all Directions In V.1.80. , I may need your help out there , the server name is Stürmgeschutze:Die Norde..

    1 reply

    I aint going to bed in this game anymore! Swear it would be scary..

    1 reply