This is the blocks you will need

Step 1: Base+Walls

Make the base 13x20 for the house.
Then make stairs up to the height of the house the house height of the house is 5
Make the stairs that high! Add it on both sides!

Step 2: Roof

When your done step 1 make the roof the roof is made out of cobblestone make it the same size of the house 13x20

Step 3: Door

After step 2 you need to have the door you need to put 4 blocks of wood this way ---> <----
Then block 2 blocks off the door there you have it step 3 done (moving on to step 4

Step 4: Floor

Now on to the Floor HEY DONT LEAVE THE FLOOR WITH GRASS ON IT! You will need!(Polished Granite/Spruce wood) make a pattern checkers striped doted! I chose striped

Step 5: Finished!

Now you can add anything you want inside or outside!
Oh the door&hellip;<br>It's too big?<br>Well I can't fix it
I love this house... But maybe the doorway should be a little smaller and some columns should be added... Just a suggestion=)
<p>I wish my real life house was this nice!</p>
Welcome hope you like my project!

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