Picture of Minecraft  Mine-cart Manual Track Switch
If you have a mine-cart track system in your world and yo have the problem, "do I go left or right." After many failed attempts I have figured out how to build one;

You need dirt or grass
redstone torches
redstone repeaters
stone or stone brick

Step 1: Setting up

Picture of setting up
OK, as the first picture shows you have a track going left and right. to start dig out 3 blocks( see 1st and 2nd pics)

place 3 powered tracks in the 1 by 3 hole you dug. make it look like the 1st pic.
BADWOLF1 (author)  sharpbike1232 years ago
How is this relevant to this instructable?
i cant get the track to flip any help? the button will power the tracks but it wont turn the rail
thing 23 years ago
If possible you should add a video.