This is a mini-game i created called island boxing

Step 1: Body of Water

Find a reasonably large body of water to make the mini game

Step 2: Rectangle

Build a large rectangle in the water out of a block of your choice

Step 3: Teams

Add 3 blocks on each side of red and yellow although it doesn't really matter. Make sure the team blocks are a different colour than the middle

Step 4: Get Some Friends

Get some friends to play with. You can only play with two people at a time but you could do a mini tournament.

Step 5: Rules

Each player starts at their end when the referee says go they both start punching each other. The person to fall into the water wins.

Step 6: Alternate

Alternatively you could do it on land and around it put lava to spice it up a bit.
<p>You said that first person in the water wins. Wtf that means just jump in it. That means at the lava part you must jump in it first. :/ but it is fun. (But what happens if you die.</p>
<p>Obsidian is in the middle of the battle field!</p>
is this on xbox?
Lol last pic grass is burning
Its lapiz lazuli in the middle

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