Introduction: Minecraft Mob Grinder

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This is the ultimate mob grinder it is very effective and easy to make. I'll be making it in creative but it is meant for survival

Step 1: Finding the Perfect Building Space

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Find a large flat area.

Step 2: Getting Started

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Build a row of twenty blocks.

Step 3: Adding Water

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Do the same two blocks over and connect them at the ends. Then fill both ends with water and you should have four blocks in the middle without water.

Step 4: Making a Cross

Picture of Making a Cross

Now break the two blocks that are not touching water on both sides. Then add a row of eight blocks to it forming a cross. Then fill them with water.

Step 5: Filling in the Empty Spaces

Picture of Filling in the Empty Spaces

Just follow the pics for this one.

Step 6: Making the Hole of Death

Picture of Making the Hole of Death

In the four blocks without water dig a really deep hole. It has to be really deep so that the mobs will die when they fall. I think the minimum is 25 blocks but I'm not positive.

Step 7: Getting Back to the Surface

Picture of Getting Back to the Surface

At the bottom of your hole dig into the side of the wall and make a long tunnel. If it isn't long enough you will dig into your grinder. Then dig up putting ladders on the wall as you go. Don't forget to put a door on the big hole that mobs will die in.

Step 8: Making the Room Completely Dark

Picture of Making the Room Completely Dark

Add walls and a roof and make sure no light is getting in or mobs won't spawn. It should be completely dark.

Step 9: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy

Just walk down the ladder and go down the tunnel, open th door and TaDa free mob items. Enjoy your unlimited arrows.


FuriousDestroyer (author)2017-07-22

Thx for tip I have loads of wolfs :)

KawaiiGamerKitty (author)2017-03-10

This was a very helpful post,I always wanted to learn this but did not know how to

Delete_ (author)2013-10-12

Also, does it have to be diamond

boom man56 (author)Delete_2014-05-12


mxvsatv (author)boom man562016-12-16

good tip.

nirvanaxfan (author)2015-08-18

abigone (author)2014-01-09

When I try this for step 3, the water only covers one of the blocks adjacent to the whole (instead of both like in the picture). This is the eighth block, one has water one doesnt. I tried adding more water, but that resulted in water rushing out at the bottom of the hole of death. How do I place the water correctly? Thanks

Crafthead3020 (author)2014-01-02


CJR2115 (author)2013-10-21

Sorry for the late reply

CJR2115 (author)2013-10-21

In the instructable it is in creative but I built it out of dirt and cobble in survival

znakouzi (author)2013-10-12

i can say that: AWESOME

Delete_ (author)2013-10-12

Did u build this in creative or survival mode?

luketheman9999 (author)2013-10-11

cool i made one before i saw this one but it it still spawns like crazy. im making a third one ha ha

CJR2115 (author)2013-09-20

Haha thanks

lozwillybe58 (author)2013-09-20

omg soooooooooo cooooooooooooooollllll lawl bro

rhett5 (author)2013-08-22


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CJR2115 (author)2013-08-01


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