Introduction: Minecraft Monster Trap

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a monster trap in minecraft. This will help you get monster drops more easily or you could just watch monsters BURN in the sunlight. (This may seem odd but I like seeing them catch on fire, that's why I made this in the first place) Note: I made this in Creative mode but it only works in Survival mode.

Step 1: Dig (Optional) (You Can Just Follow the Pictures)

Picture of Dig (Optional) (You Can Just Follow the Pictures)

Dig a hole that is one block deep ()t doesn't matter the size) and fill with gravel. You may be able to use any material but I'm not positive.

Step 2: Walls and Ceiling

Picture of Walls and Ceiling

Put a gravel wall around that is three blocks high. Make a glass ceiling. Cover the glass with gravel.

Step 3: Add Stairs and a Sign (sign Is Optional)

Picture of Add Stairs and a Sign (sign Is Optional)

Step 4: Patience

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Wait until night and go to sleep. (if you don't have a bed just wait out the night)

Step 5: Watch Em Burn!

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Remove the gravel covering the glass and watch the zombies/skeletons burn! If there is a spider or creeper that spawned inside remove a section of wall and fight it. When the zombies/skeletons burn they may drop items. if they do remove a section of wall and collect. Now repeat the process. You can do things during the day and night though! Enjoy your DIY Monster Oven!


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