So I was looking around the "internet" to find some tutorials for Minecraft nail art, and was surprised by the udder lack.
With that, I decided to attempt to create my own Minecraft inspired nails, and didn't do too badly.

All reference pictures are from Minecraft Wiki (minecraftwiki.net).

I'll also write up a step by step for this... which can be found here: ___________ (not finished yet)

NOTE: Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures, I don't have a very good camera and I also suffer from SHS (shaky hands syndrome).. yes, I know that isn't a real thing.
Plo Koon7 months ago

I think you mean "utter lack." Utter means "complete" or "to say." An udder is the pink thing on the bottom of a cow.

Love the mining hand!
DeceptibotX3 years ago
Heh.. poor quality. You should see the pictures from my first two Instructables! Seriously, those are pretty good pictures.

Anyway, really like the Creeper one. For some reason I am OBSESSED with Creepers. I actually want to make a Creeper farm on Minecraft.
I think the pictures look great and this is just an awesome project!

tqwerty (author)  DoctorDv3 years ago
Thanks :D
tqwerty (author)  DeceptibotX3 years ago
Haha, thanks!
and I try my best to hold the camera still..
and I am also obsessed with creepers, no matter how much they frighten me.
Yup. On creative mode I've got a creeper farm and the island is basically overrun with creepers. I build tunnels for them and everthing. Did you know they can swim??
tqwerty (author)  DeceptibotX3 years ago
Aww, creative mode.. Isn't that sort of cheating, I mean with all the new mob eggs and such?
Creative mode is the only mode is the only one where the creepers don't attack me and I get a sense of companionship with the creepers.
tqwerty (author)  DeceptibotX3 years ago
How touching :D