So I was looking around the "internet" to find some tutorials for Minecraft nail art, and was surprised by the udder lack.
With that, I decided to attempt to create my own Minecraft inspired nails, and didn't do too badly.

All reference pictures are from Minecraft Wiki (minecraftwiki.net).

I'll also write up a step by step for this... which can be found here: ___________ (not finished yet)

NOTE: Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures, I don't have a very good camera and I also suffer from SHS (shaky hands syndrome).. yes, I know that isn't a real thing.
<p>I think you mean &quot;utter lack.&quot; Utter means &quot;complete&quot; or &quot;to say.&quot; An udder is the pink thing on the bottom of a cow.</p>
Love the mining hand!
Heh.. poor quality. You should see the pictures from my first two Instructables! Seriously, those are pretty good pictures. <br> <br>Anyway, really like the Creeper one. For some reason I am OBSESSED with Creepers. I actually want to make a Creeper farm on Minecraft.
I think the pictures look great and this is just an awesome project! <br> <br>-Doctordv
Thanks :D
Haha, thanks!<br>and I try my best to hold the camera still.. <br>and I am also obsessed with creepers, no matter how much they frighten me.
Yup. On creative mode I've got a creeper farm and the island is basically overrun with creepers. I build tunnels for them and everthing. Did you know they can swim?? <br>
Aww, creative mode.. Isn't that sort of cheating, I mean with all the new mob eggs and such?
Creative mode is the only mode is the only one where the creepers don't attack me and I get a sense of companionship with the creepers.
How touching :D<br>

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