Step 4: Glue Together

Picture of Glue Together
Glue the pieces together according to the model using the hot glue gun. Once you hot glue the pieces together, use the X-Acto knife to cut the excess off.

Once you've done this, glue the iPod dock adapter to the base as shown below.
granttman3 years ago
WOW! This is perfect, easy, and fun. This is exactly what I wanted to build. THANKS FOR A GREAT PROJECT!
What do you mean by the iPod dock connector?
Tomcat94 (author)  Adambowker983 years ago
Ahh, terribly sorry about that. I totally forgot to add the picture, or even mention what the ipod dock adapter is! I updated this step for you.

This is what I meant. Hope this clears things up!
Ohhhhh - my iPod Touch didn't come with that (probably because mine was 2nd gen). They're pretty cheap, so I guess I can just buy a few on eBay for even less. Thanks!