Step 4: Glue Together

Glue the pieces together according to the model using the hot glue gun. Once you hot glue the pieces together, use the X-Acto knife to cut the excess off.

Once you've done this, glue the iPod dock adapter to the base as shown below.
<p>Awesome! I think it's fit to the papercrafts minecrafts! Awesome dude!</p>
Cool man.
great idea, though i have an ipad :/ <br>and by the way, you set the video to private.
i was able to download
What do you mean by the iPod dock connector?
Ahh, terribly sorry about that. I totally forgot to add the picture, or even mention what the ipod dock adapter is! I updated this step for you.<br> <br><br> <br><a href="http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC650ZM/A" rel="nofollow">This</a> is what I meant. Hope this clears things up!
Does this work with an iPhone 4s?
Ohhhhh - my iPod Touch didn't come with that (probably because mine was 2nd gen). They're pretty cheap, so I guess I can just buy a few on eBay for even less. Thanks!
Awesome build!! Can u make other iPod minecraft dockish related items?
Could you by any change make it for the dimensions for a Nexus 7? I really want to make it, but I am not very good at Google sketchUp.
i cant down load the file &gt;_&lt;
How do I download the file I can't download it.
Never mind I got it.
WOW! This is perfect, easy, and fun. This is exactly what I wanted to build. THANKS FOR A GREAT PROJECT!
How creative! I like it!

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