Picture of Minecraft Nether Reactor
This is my second instructable and it helps you know how to make a Minecraft Pocket Edition nether reactor (it is basically a nether portal in pocket edition).
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Step 1: Items

Picture of Items
You will need the following:
1) Minecraft Pocket Edition FULL VERSION (must be updated to 0.5 alpha and also, must be on survival mode)
2) 4 gold blocks
3) 14 cobblestone blocks
4) 1 nether reactor core

Step 2: Bottom Layer

Picture of Bottom Layer
In the bottom layer it is supposed to be ordered like the picture above. In the bottom layer there is need 4 gold blocks and 5 cobblestone blocks.

Step 3: Middle Layer

Picture of Middle Layer
In the snapshot above it shows the middle you will need 4 cobblestone blocks and 1 nether reactor core. So you don't get confused I put gray wool for cobblestone on the bottom layer.

Step 4: Top Layer

Picture of Top Layer
In the photo above I will show the top layer for the nether reactor. Like I said on the last one, I put gray wool to show cobblestone for the lower levels so you don't get confused.

Step 5: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion
All together it should look like the snapshot above. To activate the portal you should punch the core, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to use either a iron sword or stone sword. Helpful Hints 1) Put nether reactor far from you house or other values buildings, the reactor will destroy it when it forms. 2) Remember it only works on survival mode. If there is anything wrong with the information that's given please leave a comment.

Step 6: Nether Reactor Core

You will need a few things if you want to make the Nether Reactor Core to make the Nether Reactor to go to the Nether. you will need the following:

3 Diamonds
6 Iron Ingots

Now all you have to do now is just go to a crafting table and tap on the nether reactor icon to make.
Mya141 month ago
MADM11 month ago
MADM1 MADM11 month ago

woah, did i made a blank post? LOL

Anyway, i want to verify if the reactor will still be work successfully if you are in a peaceful mode of survival and does these pigmen will spawn too?

I wish I had fully red this (the chest thing)

lol me to i did same mistake

I made it but it doesnt work
haridhars4 months ago

how to create nether reactor in creative mode???

then how create enders dragon in Minecraft P.E creative mode??

LeseaN haridhars4 months ago

you can only use the nether portal in survival mode there is none in creative

Creeper37757 (author) 4 months ago
There is no End in Pocket Edition, yet. And you cannot access the Nether in Creative Mode.
ShaelaJ4 months ago

you are awsome!!!

king Jerome 7 months ago
It was very helpful.
I lost my budder in it
HeathSM2 years ago
Why did you youse black wool
Creeper37757 (author)  HeathSM2 years ago
I put gray wool so you don't get confused with the bottom layer to the middle or top layer.