This is my second instructable and it helps you know how to make a Minecraft Pocket Edition nether reactor (it is basically a nether portal in pocket edition).

Step 1: Items

You will need the following:
1) Minecraft Pocket Edition FULL VERSION (must be updated to 0.5 alpha and also, must be on survival mode)
2) 4 gold blocks
3) 14 cobblestone blocks
4) 1 nether reactor core
<p>Outdated as of 012.1</p>
<p>how to create nether reactor in creative mode???</p><p>then how create enders dragon in Minecraft P.E creative mode??</p>
1-you can't make one in creative. <br>2- THERE IS NO P.E. ENDER<br>DO YOU KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT MINECRAFT!?
<p>to create, make that thing in the creative mode and then convert it into survival,and punch the nether reactor core ,and then convert it back to creative mode</p>
<p>to convert choose any world and at the right side there is a pencil, click on it ,and then choose which mode you want</p>
<p>you can only use the nether portal in survival mode there is none in creative</p>
<p>it doent work</p>
<p>doesn't work on 13.1 :(</p>
I followed the steps but nether doesnt work
<p>you don't go to the nether.</p>
<p>woah, did i made a blank post? LOL</p><p>Anyway, i want to verify if the reactor will still be work successfully if you are in a peaceful mode of survival and does these pigmen will spawn too?</p>
I wish I had fully red this (the chest thing)
<p>lol me to i did same mistake</p>
I made it but it doesnt work
There is no End in Pocket Edition, yet. And you cannot access the Nether in Creative Mode.
<p>you are awsome!!!</p>
It was very helpful.
I lost my budder in it
Why did you youse black wool
I put gray wool so you don't get confused with the bottom layer to the middle or top layer.

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