Step 1: Sticky Piston

Place a sticky piston redstone block daylight sensor and redstone dust

Step 2: Wiring

Look at the pictures

Step 3: Light #2

A little harder

Step 4: Lets Get Started

Stone r torch daylight sensor and r dust

Step 5: Same Idea As 1

R dust repeater and g lamps

Step 6: Thx

Thank you all and I'm sooperblooper32 follow me plz and peace out P.S. if you don't know how to turn it night it's /time set 16000
/time set 1400
How to set the time to day?
Thank you kamilyp for being my first follower and thank you omex for being my second

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Bio: I like minecraft, metal detector mainly because metals awesome, the name jimmy, tanki (if you haven't tried it go to www.miniclip.com and ... More »
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