Minecraft PE 5 Glitches





Introduction: Minecraft PE 5 Glitches

In this i will be showing you 5 glitches in minecraft pe

Step 1: Ink Sac Glitch

Step 2: Get Bow and Bone Meal

Step 3: Shoot Bow Then Tap on the Bone Meal

You need to tap the bone meal right after you shoot the bow and you will get an ink sac after a few times. This glitch only works in creative and it is used to die sheep black.

Step 4: Duplication Glitch 1

Step 5: Place the Block You Want to Duplicate

Step 6: Get Out of the Game and Delete Minecraft From Your Background

You double tap your home button to get to the background

Step 7: Get Back in the Game

If it didn't work try the glitch again

Step 8: Duplication Glitch 2

Step 9: Put What You Want to Duplicate in a Chest

Step 10: Close the Chest

Step 11: Open the Chest and Take the Item You Are Duplicating Out

Step 12: Walk Around for 11-12 Seconds

Step 13: Get Out of the Game and Delete Minecraft From Your Background

You get to your background by double clicking your home button

Step 14: Get Back in and Open Your Chest

You should have the amount you duplicated in your inventory and the chest. This glitch can make you lose items on rare cases. If this glitch does not work try it again

Step 15: Teleporting Glitch

This glitch works on creative or survival

Step 16: Get a Door

Step 17: Build How High You Want to Teleport on Top of the Door

The blocks have to touch the door

Step 18: Shut Yourself in the Door

Step 19: Go to the Main Menu

Step 20: Get Back In

It should glitch you to the top of your blocks on your door. If this glitch doesn't work try it again.

Step 21: Unlimited Water Glitch

Step 22: Dig Out a 2x3 Hole

Step 23: Put Water in Three of the Corners

When you put water in 3 of the corners it will fill up the hole and when you get a one water block out another one will fill it in.

Step 24: Thanks : )



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    Please never try that glitch daniel, There is an 85.2% chance of you losing your good worlds that you have been working on for a while (Trust me I have tried it)

    o rly??????????????

    Hi, i have a problem where i can place sign but when i try to write on them, wen u am done they r still empty. I think it is bc of a bug but i have no idea how to fix it, help!

    Cool. But I will be wary about the duplication glitch. Does the duplication work in 0.9.5?

    Doesn't work 4 me and im in the latest minecraftPE update

    And it works for every update :)