Introduction: Minecraft P.E. Bungalow W/basement

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I am GlowBall500, this is my first Instructable please don't hate it i might not do minecraft all the time I might do paracord or origami so basically a lot of making things leave a comment if it was good and tell me if you made it! :3

Step 1: Doing the Outline

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First you might want to be on creative mode for this. You can use any blocks for example I used bricks and brick steps as my block 1 nether bricks and nether brick steps as block 2 and birch and birch steps as block 3. You'll want to make a 10x8 rectangle using block 1 but get rid of the corners then make a gap for the door.

Step 2: Building the Walls

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On your outline build up 4 high with your block 1 missing out row 2 and where your door will go then in the corners build up the same amount in block 2. Add your window and door. Then with use your block 1 and 2 steps or blocks on the top row and place a block where the row meets.

Step 3: Building the Roof

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Get your block 3 and block 3 steps and use the steps on the on the outlying piece of roof you made with blocks 1&2 then fill it in with block 3 repeat this step 2 more times going in 1 block away from the previous row filling it in each time. It might also be a good idea to have some torches outside the house.

Well done you should have finished the exterior!

Step 4: Decorating the Interior

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Dig up the dirt floor and replace with block 3 but leave a 1x1 gap in a corner for a trapdoor. Put things like beds, crafting tables, furnaces, bookshelves and enchantment tables down first then add carpet. Add a trapdoor to the gap you left.

Well done you should have decorated your interior!

Step 5: Building the Basement

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This is probably the easiest step of them all you just need to go down your trapdoor hole adding ladders as you go until you get to a desired depth and start mining out an area and put whatever you want in it whether it be boxes, a dungeon, a secret mine cart track or a mine! I decided to have a secret green sheep farm. Don't ask why. :3

Well done, you should have completed your bungalow and your basement!

Really, Well Done!


Swansong (author)2016-10-17

Thanks for sharing :)

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