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Step 1: Make A Deep Hole

Picture of Make A Deep Hole
You must do this in creative mode, the hole must be quite deep
Minecrafter183 months ago

It just falls to the bottom of the world. You also die if you fall down there, in the new update.

Exactly there`s a way so you can stay living under the world
tikatic (author) 2 years ago
Ryanoxpqz2 years ago
When It hits bedrock level, it disappears!
firstson112 years ago
And nothing happens
I tried it out & it worked!You awesome,bro.Brofist to you! :)
My brother taught me this trick. We use it when we have too much sand, dirt, etc.
AwesomeX542 years ago
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Does the sand just fall down the hole? What happens?