Step 1: Make a Deep Hole

You must do this in creative mode, the hole must be quite deep

Step 2: Dig One Block Deep Next to the Deep Hole

Step 3: Now on Top of the Deep Hole Place a Brick or Stone

One block only!

Step 4: Now Time for Some Sand!

Place at least 6-8 blocks on top of your brick or stone,you can put as many blocks as you want on it but don't place too many.

Step 5: Now Break the Brick or Stone

<p>It just falls to the bottom of the world. You also die if you fall down there, in the new update.</p>
Exactly there`s a way so you can stay living under the world<br>
When It hits bedrock level, it disappears!
And nothing happens
I tried it out & it worked!You awesome,bro.Brofist to you! :)
My brother taught me this trick. We use it when we have too much sand, dirt, etc.
Does the sand just fall down the hole? What happens?

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