Minecraft PE Diamond Cheat





Introduction: Minecraft PE Diamond Cheat

In this tutorial I will show you how to get unlimited diamonds in Minecraft PE. To get free diamonds you can trick the game into thinking you're still in creative mode in survival. Keep reading to learn the easiest Minecraft diamond cheat!

Step 1: Open Minecraft PE

Open Minecraft PE.

Step 2: Create New "Creative" World

Create a "Creative" World . Type any name you want , and create your own seed . (You need to create your own seed to use it again to Survival World)

Step 3: Loading ...

Loading ... (Do not close the app while loading)

Step 4: Add Blocks

Add Blocks like diamonds , golds , irons , and anything you need . But the important blocks is Wood , Stone and Iron to create pickaxe to get Diamonds. Add crafting table to other side to use it in survival world .

Step 5: Quit

Quit world . Now your progress is saved . Now , create a survival world with a seed that you used in creative .

Step 6: Loading ..

Step 7: Survival Saved .

Now you have survival world .

Step 8: Homescreen , Copy+Paste+Delete=Cheat

Go to File manager . Minecraft Files is located at sdcard0/games/com.mojang/minecraftworlds

Click The folder of creative world . copy the file "chunks.dat"
then , go to the folder of survival world . delete the chunks of survival . and paste the chunks to survival folder .

Step 9: Play

Now play it , and now you have the blocks from creative world .

Step 10:



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    Just edit the world and make it survival its much easier.

    125 Try It Out 32145321 Accessibility ♥

    What is on the seed ?

    does it really work

    If you have an android device you can download pocketinveditor from the play store and change between survival and creative modes. it's free and makes playing in survival mode easier.

    1 reply

    Anyway it doesnt work for me on my tablet so I think its better for the app for the cheat

    man,its very nice! You show the picture that makes anyone believe it, i have a question. I play in Ipad but, i dont see the home screen.

    Omg ypu see sword art! I love that animee!

    I have a iPad how do I do it on an iPad plz tell me