This is the tutorial how to cheat diamonds .

Step 1: Open Minecraft PE

Open Minecraft PE.
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<p>I have a iPad how do I do it on an iPad plz tell me</p>
<p>download a minecraft pe</p><p>and copy the seed</p><p>911</p>
What is on the seed ?
<p>the seed is 911</p>
<p>does it really work</p>
If you have an android device you can download pocketinveditor from the play store and change between survival and creative modes. it's free and makes playing in survival mode easier.
<p>thx for telling me about the app</p>
<p>Anyway it doesnt work for me on my tablet so I think its better for the app for the cheat</p>
<p>Can it work on spawn cages with animals spawning in it?</p>
<p>its not working</p>
<p>man,its very nice! You show the picture that makes anyone believe it, i have a question. I play in Ipad but, i dont see the home screen.</p>
Omg ypu see sword art! I love that animee!
Gonna try this, and nice SAO background btw!

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