Picture of Minecraft PE  Duplication Glitch
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
Land, Minecraft PE, the item you want to duplicate, a chest, and YOU.

Step 2: Chest

Picture of Chest
14, 5:59 PM.jpg
Put your item in your chest.

Step 3: Quit To Title

Picture of Quit To Title
Quit to title. Go back on your world.

Step 4: Take A Walk

Picture of Take A Walk
Go 50- 100 blocks away from your chest.

Step 5: Home

Picture of Home
Go to your home screen. Double tap and hold down the app Minecraft. Tap the minus button. For iOS 7, double tap and slide Minecraft up.

Step 6: Almost Done...

Picture of Almost Done...
Go back on to Minecraft and your world. Then walk back to your chest, open it up and your done!
I did it with a diamond block, it didn't duplicate it, it deleted it. ???????????
jj.antolak1 month ago
Don't listen to this. It rarely ever works and is very inefficient. I got.a better one.
First you need
A chest
Two multiplayer compatible phones with Minecraft

Now your going to place what you need in the chest and make the other device join.
Both go into the chest. At the same exact time with both (FOR EXAMPLE:IPHONES$
And try to select the items out of the chest. Both devices must be clicking on that item. It will take you a few tries to get down but that's how I cheat in my materials.

You are right. This rarely works.

yeah, but you need a friend.

EthanK1 EthanK11 month ago

or pay extra money for another phone ($500-800) and buy Minecraft ($6.99-I think)

Austydude3 months ago
Oh poop i have 8.1 on my iPod! But 9.5 what I'm using! Good thing I have ifile! So I can use it!
masterdiy (author) 5 months ago
It doesn't work on 0.9.0. Sorry!!:-(

I tried it but it didn't work=(

Cyborg_Playa11 months ago
I'm going to try