Step 1: What You Need

Land, Minecraft PE, the item you want to duplicate, a chest, and YOU.
Very easy iOS glitch on current version. Drop the item, back up 5 blocks wait 5 seconds. Pick up the item and back up 5 blocks again then immediately close the app. Open your save and the item will be on the ground in front of you and in your inventory
<p>I know another one and its a lot easier. It works for me (Android), but I'm not sure if it works for other minecrafts other than Android.<br><br>So first put all the items in your inventory into a chest. Leave the item you want to duplicate. It should be occupying the first hotbar and should be no less than 2.<br><br>tap the hotbar and quickly tap the second hotbar. HOLD IT and wait for about 7-15 seconds. The duplicate item should be thrown in front of you. Collect it and VOILA! You now duplicated an item!! :)<br><br>Note: This does not work in all items of Minecraft PE. But heey, it works in iron and gold ingots, and cobblestone too! And many other blocks... :)</p><p><br></p>
<p>Doesnt work on iOS</p>
Don't listen to this. It rarely ever works and is very inefficient. I got.a better one.<br>First you need<br>A chest<br>Two multiplayer compatible phones with Minecraft<br>Land<br><br>Now your going to place what you need in the chest and make the other device join. <br>Both go into the chest. At the same exact time with both (FOR EXAMPLE:IPHONES$<br>And try to select the items out of the chest. Both devices must be clicking on that item. It will take you a few tries to get down but that's how I cheat in my materials.
Ur right. But keep trying maker!!!?
<p>You are right. This rarely works.</p>
<p>yeah, but you need a friend.</p>
<p>or pay extra money for another phone ($500-800) and buy Minecraft ($6.99-I think)</p>
Hate this i duplicated with diamond block and it deleted it DO NOT USE THIS
I did it with a diamond block, it didn't duplicate it, it deleted it. ???????????
Oh poop i have 8.1 on my iPod! But 9.5 what I'm using! Good thing I have ifile! So I can use it!
It doesn't work on 0.9.0. Sorry!!:-(
<p>I tried it but it didn't work=(</p>
I'm going to try

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