Hello there! Here I am with another ship project to show you! In this instructable I will be showing a dutch/french fluyt from the rennisance, I hope you enjoy! This fluyt has 24 guns, and is also a cargo ship. P.S, I named the ship HMS Marietta.

Step 1: Gun Deck #1

Gun Deck #1 has 10 guns on the sides, 2 on the front, and 2 on the back.
Thanks! Check out my other instructables!
Thanks! Check out my other instructables!
<p>I like ships, and Minecraft, and I like building ships on Minecraft!!</p><p>SUBED,FAVED,COMMENTED!</p><p>^_^</p>
xD thanks for the feedback mate!
No prob :D
:D you're welcome
Awesome! Also how do you get the writing on the front page like is it an app?
The app is called PicsArt, download it, choose a photo, and edit it or put a text in it.
Thanks lad.
I hope you like this awesome warship I built! Please give feedback

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