Minecraft PE - Dutch Fluyt





Introduction: Minecraft PE - Dutch Fluyt

Hello there! Here I am with another ship project to show you! In this instructable I will be showing a dutch/french fluyt from the rennisance, I hope you enjoy! This fluyt has 24 guns, and is also a cargo ship. P.S, I named the ship HMS Marietta.

Step 1: Gun Deck #1

Gun Deck #1 has 10 guns on the sides, 2 on the front, and 2 on the back.

Step 2: Gun Deck #2, and Captain's Bedroom

Gun Deck #2 features chain shots and mortars stored In chests in the back, strong enough to bring down an enemy ship's mast. There is also bunks for the whole crew of the ship. In the back there is the captain's room, with a comphy bed that has private chests.

Step 3: Storage Deck

The storage deck is because this ship is not just a warship, it is also a heavy gunned cargo ship. So it carries cargo in the deepest deck down (if there is space for it).

Step 4: So That's It.

I hope you liked this awesome dutch fluyt I made! I promise I will give feedback with another instructable! So goodbye! Thanks for reading!



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    Thanks! Check out my other instructables!

    Thanks! Check out my other instructables!

    I like ships, and Minecraft, and I like building ships on Minecraft!!



    Awesome! Also how do you get the writing on the front page like is it an app?

    The app is called PicsArt, download it, choose a photo, and edit it or put a text in it.