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Introduction: Minecraft PE Mansion

Hey everyone! I made this GIGANTIC mansion on request by Austydude. So thanks to him, I made this mansion. When I say mansion, I mean mansion. Seriously, it took me more than seven hours to build! It was worth it, so enjoy=)

Step 1: The Base

First, we will build the base of our mansion. Lay down twenty-five (25) stone bricks. I used stone bricks, but you can use any type. Then lay down the blocks as shown in the first picture. Then lay blocks as shown.

Step 2: The Frame

Decide how tall you would like your mansion to be. I built mine to be thirty (30) blocks high and it was higher than high enough.

Step 3: Fill in the Frame

Now comes the long part. Fill in your frame and make a doorway. This part took me about an hour or longer to do.

Step 4:

Step 5: The Pathway

For decoration, I built a fancy little pathway. This is optional, but it gives this mansion more of a mansion-like feel.

Step 6: Gorgeous Fountain

Then I built this amazing fountain in front of my house. Once again, this is optional.

Step 7: This Is the Rest of the Pathway

Step 8: Your Insides Should Look Like This

Step 9: The Roof

The roof also takes a very long time, so be prepared! Follow this step until you reach the center of your roof.

Step 10: Other Options

Here are a few other options for your house...

Step 11: The Floor

To make your floor, place TNT in random spots as shown. Use Flint&Steel to blow up the TNT. Then lay your floor boards as shown.

Step 12: Windows

When you're all done with the exterior, it's time to decorate!

Step 13: The Kitchen

The next few steps are just the few things I put inside of my house.

Step 14: Living Room and Fireplace

Step 15: Stairs

Step 16: Upstairs

Step 17: Rooms

Step 18: Bathrooms

Step 19: Live in It and Enjoy!

Now you're all done with your gorgeous mansion! I hope you liked it and check out my other Minecraft tutorials. Thank you all for viewing!



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An easier thing for the walls, build the frame from cobblestone, pour lava all around the top, wait for it to reach the ground, then pour water over the top. ?

yeah, when the lava gets to. The ground, you start pouring the water and magically the bricks that you used for the frame will go down to form a wall.

I'm Building This But not Sure What Brick You Used For The Path. What One Did You Use?

for the path its polished andesite

I think its andesite

I believe that I used Stone Bricks. Thank you for the comment and good luck!

How do you craft the pictures?

i reckon laying the floor takes forever