Hi again!!! I know I haven't posted in AGES!!!! But now I'm gona make an effort to do it more. Here's a good seed for Minecraft PE for the version 0.11.1

Step 1: Spawn

So when u load up the world (the seed will be at the end) u should be in an area with LOTS of trees.

Step 2: Looking Around

If ur in creative and u fly up and look around it should look something like the pics above. If ur in survival, don't dilly dally and get going to get some stuff. There r lots of caves with good stuff. I went to look around in one and I found soooooo much iron gold a good bit of coal and a bit deeper down I found DIANONDS!!!!!! The blue thing we all want!!! And I didn't even finish exploring the cave (because I was lazy) but one prob, I got lost... Not good. But I was in creative so I just dug straight up WHICH U SHOULD NEVER DO IN SURVIVAL!!!!! JUST STAIRCASE UP!!!!

Step 3: The Seed

But all in all its a good seed I came upon by accident so ye... Here is the seed above, in the picture, above, the words, that I'm typing, on my iPad, mini... Bye!!!!!
Hope to do more just like this!!! Look out and follow me for more!!!

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Bio: Hi there!!! I do a lot of Minecraft stuff so follow me to see what I come up with
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