Introduction: Minecraft PE Server for IOS (Done on Windows) USED FOR RECENT UPDATE!

Picture of Minecraft PE Server for IOS (Done on Windows) USED FOR RECENT UPDATE!

We all love to play with our friends on Minecraft but no one can play with one another unless they have a plug. Today I will be showing you how to create your own Minecraft PE server!

Step 1: Download Pocketmine

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First you will need the software. Go to Pocketmine Website.

Here you can Press the Green button to download the software.

Download the software and it will open the terminal.

Step 2: Choose Settings

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Okay so it starts to get tricky here. When it opens up, first choose your language (English is en) and choose all recommended settings (THEY WILL BE IN PARENTHESIS) And get to the IP settings and read next step.

Step 3: Port Forward

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You will need to go to your internet Browser (Google Chrome please) and type in

(If there is a username and password it will be labeled on your router or it will be Username: Admin, Password: password)

Find Port forwarding (Usually in advanced settings) Then you will need to add a custom service.

Here you will fill in the blanks that are provide below

Start Port: 19132

End Port: 19132

IP: What ever your internal IP is (To find this press the windows button and R key to pull up the run menu, From here type cmd. That should pull up the terminal. Type ipconfig, and internal IP should be listed)


Step 4: Adding IP

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Go to where you had saved your server then find the text file.

Open it and change IP to your external IP (Found were you found IP earlier)

Save file and close it

Step 5: YOUR DONE!

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Press the start.cmd Button and your server should start right up!

Go into your Minecraft type in your IP and you should connect to your server!

Your friends can connect by typing in your external IP to their game


Step 6: Help Me Out?

I created this because the only way to create a Minecraft PE server before HAD NO INSTRUCTIONS! There were no great instructables on how to build a Minecraft PE server. So to show a little thanks and if you had enjoyed this check out my YouTube channel: AwesomeswimmerGaming!

On my Youtube Channel I will be posting how to make a Minecraft Server (Both PE and Computer) and making weekly Destiny videos with friends starting January! And of course if I had mad any mistakes PLEASE put them down below so I can review my mistake and fix it!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-16

This is really cool. Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome! I will be making a tutorial on my Youtube channel soon! You wont miss it if you subscribe!