Step 1:

You will need these items to make a stove

Step 2:

Make something that looks like this

Step 3:

Copy this

Step 4:

Copy this

Step 5:

Copy this

Step 6:

Copy this and... YOUR DONE!
Does it really cook the meat?
Could you use lava instead of fire (im playing pe)
that's pe
Question why did u put the stairs is it a decoration or.....?
Sunstar awesome stove! Just asking do you read the book 'warriors'? Because there's a cat called Sun star in it!
Awesome furniture sunstar4! <br>?
<p>I added this to my collection join for more!</p>
<p>I added this to my collection join for more!</p>
It's for show

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Bio: Hi fans of the potato horses! After two years we're back! Stay tuned!
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