Introduction: Minecraft PE: Wolf Kennel

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Step 1: Make a U Shape

Picture of Make a U Shape

Place 4 Oakwood blocks in a small U-shape (doesn't have to be Oakwood)

Step 2: Flooring

Picture of Flooring

Place a clay and wool block in the centre of the U-shape.

Step 3: Roof

Picture of Roof

Place four wooden stair blocks on top of the Oakwood blocks

Step 4: Roof 2

Picture of Roof 2

Place a single wooden block in the centre of the roof

Step 5: Details

Picture of Details

Place 2 wooden fences at the front of the kennel

Step 6: Adding the Wolf

Picture of Adding the Wolf

Place a wolf inside your kennel. If in survival tame a wild wolf and make it sit just in front of your kennel, then push it into the kennel.

Step 7: Naming the Wolf

Picture of Naming the Wolf

Place a sign on the kennel with the wolfs name on. (This makes having a wolf more fun)


TaylorM31 (author)2016-02-11

roam i meant

TaylorM31 (author)2016-02-11

you should make for room for the wolf to raom around annd stuff.

NeonJuggalo (author)2014-10-10

its five blocks/stairs not four

JM1999 (author)2014-10-08


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