Stuck on Survival? Use these seeds which spawn you near a village! Take what is in their chests and steal their houses!

Step 1: There Is Not Any Pictures

Sorry about that.

Step 2: Donut Unicorn

This seed spawns you relatively near a village.

Step 3: On a Hole

You spawn near forests and a stream. Turn left and then go forward from there. You will soon find yourself at a desert. The village is slightly at your left. Enjoy the Sandstone Houses! Yes there is sand stone houses instead of regular houses! AWESOME!!!!!
<p>this is cool but... wheres the seed?</p>
<p>dude you write all this, telling us minecraft pe seeds and give us nothing. </p><p>WHAT IS THE FREAKING SEED!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>yes what is the seed</p>
Umm... What Is The Seed...
<p>is it Infinite or Old</p>

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