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Don't you just love watching your friends fall for minecraft traps? Unfourtonatly, most traps require redstone, for those of us with PE only, we must turn to other sources, like this instracable! I will teach you a trap that is sure to fool. Using signs and layers of gravel, this build easily ensures a death that will make your friends mad.

Step 1: Location, Location, Location...

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This trap is of a very large size, the best location for something like this would be the end of a maze, with the reward being a (rigged) diamond block. (Pic demonstrates size)

Step 2: Bait

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Well this is a pretty basic set up, a diamond block in the middle of the wall (make it pretty wide) I put I sign that says "Congrats! You win!" Right over the block.

Step 3: Rigging

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The first picture is the diamond block with a sign on the back. Do this and connect the signs together like in picture 2. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE SIGNS ARE CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER, NOT THE BRICKS! Then, make a sort of roof at block height four out of signs. Again, very important that they are connected to each other. And finally, try to make it look inconspicuous.

Step 4: Finish Building

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Just finish building the exterior of the building, don't have a great image for this one, pretty self explanatory. However do put the door parallel to the diamond block.

Step 5: Arming

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Ok, remember those signs that you made as a roof? Cover them with five layers of gravel, the signs will keep them from falling. After the five layers have been applied, surround them with bricks like in the pick.

Step 6: Distractions, Distractions...

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Well, after I finished arming, I decided to distract my victims. So, using strategically placed bars and mobs created the perfect distraction.

Step 7: Set It Off

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Well, if all went well. You will see a mountain of gravel coming down upon your head. Although this takes forever to reset, it is well worth it.


amazingapplemilk232boss (author)2017-12-06

dude I tried this I failed a few times but I got it the 3rd time I tried. Congrats bro

Pandamaster123 (author)2017-03-11

pretty cool

professoroak1 (author)2015-11-17

Yay!!! Redstone is now released for mcpe!!!


professoroak1 (author)2015-11-17

and great trap, can't wait to try it!!!

jjgamer (author)2015-08-18

omg works great only got one problem… you can't really mine diamond without iron picaxe and they won't mine it on creative

minecraftrocks (author)2015-06-26

too long but lol great!

pickle25257 (author)2014-12-27

I have some work to do...

peppypickle (author)2014-12-19

awesome, how long did this take you to create?

McTapeNinja (author)peppypickle2014-12-19

Oh, and thanks!

McTapeNinja (author)peppypickle2014-12-19

About an hour, but on creative, however, I was taking screenshots every minute or so. So probably around 45-55 minutes.

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