this is what your PAMA's face should look like but hello today i am going to tell you how to make PAMA

from mine craft story mode ok so what you will need well in mincraft

in survival you'll need

972 redstone lamps


a stack of sticky pistons

and at-least 30 redstone blocks

but in creative just grab one of each item

Step 1: Dimensions and Making the Face

PAMA is 36 blocks across and 27 blocks high so do the multiplication and you get 972.

then make the mouth first put it around 7 blocks high make sure its a straight face the eyes are around 3 blocks under the top his eyes are both 2 blocks wide and 7 blocks tall the mouth is 10 blocks across then your done with the face


make the smile then build three blocks off of that so thats for blocks on the fourth block put a sticky piston then put a redstone block at the end of that then put a redstone trail going to the lever plat form you build when you pull the lever he will smile then ad eyebrow shaped piston areas and make all the redstone trails and make the ultimate PAMA oh you will need lots of repeaters. Anyway i will post pictures soon and make better instructions show me your finished product and maybe your finished product will be the picture for it see you soon.

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