Picture of Minecraft Costume Tutorial (Any Size)
We are going to turn a child's room into a minecraft nerd cave. Wih a lot of work we can do it!!!!
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
If you want to make a Steve, zombie, or really anything, alls you will need is:
•Scissors, a box cutter, an exacto blade, and pretty much anything you can cut cardboard with(or foamboard)
•Foamboard or cardboard, whichever you'd like
•Paint, all colors needed to make the creatures you want from minecraft
•A hot glue gun
•A reference picture(easily found by searching (INSERT CREATURE YOU WANT TO BUILD) Minecraft Papercraft on in the images

Step 2: Getting All The Shapes

Picture of Getting All The Shapes
Now that you have have all your supplies in order, take out the reference sheet ands card board/ foam board. Cut your costume according to your height, for zombies, or Steve, the head is always 1/3 the height if the body and twice as wide as the body. The arms are always the same height as the body but only half the width. Same with the legs. For measurements on other creatures just look it up. To figure out how large each seperate pixels size, take the # of the width, length, and height ( should all be the same ), and divide that by 8. That's how long and tall each pixel should be (in inches)

Step 3: Assembling

Picture of Assembling
Now, put the shapes together to form whatever part you cut out! You will now have one part of a zombie, creeper, whatever you chose. Cut holes in the bottom of the head, the top inside part of the arms, the top inside and top if the legs.

Step 4: Painting The Base Coat

Picture of Painting The Base Coat
Now, depending on what color, of what part, of what creature, paint the base coat. Whichever color is most used on that part of whatever creature, paint that part completely that color. Repeat this pattern for all part. Ex:Zombie arm=Green Skeleton head= white.
ManoleyGaming (author) 7 months ago
Would you guys like me to update this using how to get each dimension for all the boxes to fit you?
ManoleyGaming (author) 1 year ago
I know you use models to scale with the papercraft, example: if your 5 ft 4 in tall make every pixel one inch for your costume
pcanywii1 year ago
Interesting but paper craft is only about 2 inches tall
ManoleyGaming (author) 1 year ago
I actually only planned this out, I didn't end up actually making it so I hope you do
EmeraldOre1 year ago

Wow! This. is. GREAT! Totes using this.

sunstar41 year ago
ManoleyGaming (author) 1 year ago
This was fun to do I hope you like it