Minecraft Pe Elevator





Introduction: Minecraft Pe Elevator

Have you every built a really tall tower? And you need some way to get to the top quickly? Well here is the answer!
This is a working elevator, made with signs and water!

Step 1: You Will Need

The amount materials needed varies, it depends on how high the elevator is.

Buckets of water



Blocks ( the blocks you would like for the elevator)

Step 2: Building the Elevator Part One

Start by using the blocks and making a 4x1, put two blocks at the side of each end. Build this another layer high, place two doors in the middle. as in pictures

Step 3: Building the Elevator Part Two

On the door place two of the chosen blocks. Put the water on the space between the doors and the wall, place two signs on top of the water. As in pictures

Step 4: Building the Elevator Part 3

Repeat part one and part two until the elevator is as high as you need it to be.



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    How do you stop at different levels?

    This is very nice. However how do you make it stop, or slowdown, on each floor

    I found this useful as I was using stairs on tower house this changed when I found this so now the stairs are turned into an elevator