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Introduction: Minecraft Pe Seeds

About: Hello! Welcome to my Instructables. My name is Audrey and I love Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Rubik's Cubes, Crafts, and other random stuff!

In this instructable I'm going to be showing you guys some more of my favorite seeds! If you haven't checked out my other instructables about seeds check them out! They have some really awesome ones! This is my 3rd instructable about seeds.

Step 1: School Sucks

This seed has amazing over hangs and waterfalls!
Seed: school sucks

Step 2: Donnanobleandamypondthecompanion

This seed has amazing overhangs and a really awesome overall landscape!
Seed: donnanobleandamypondthecompanion
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Step 3: Glaciers

This seed has an awesome overhang!
Seed: glaciers

Step 4: Kxisk

This seed has really cool overhangs, waterfalls, and amazing mountains!
Seed: Kxisk

Step 5: Bestseedintheworld

In this seed, you spawn underground in a cave that has a lava fall and two rooms!
Seed: bestseedintheworld

Step 6: Island Plzz

This seed has a really cool island!
Seed: island plzz

Step 7: CrEePy FaRt

This seed has awesome overhangs, waterfalls, and mountains!
Seed: CrEePy FaRt

Step 8: Speeddeed

This seed has an amazing overhang!
Seed: speeddeed


This seed has really cool overhangs and waterfalls!

Step 10: Take the Lemons Back! GET MAD!

This seed has a really cool floating island!
Seed: Take the lemons back! GET MAD!

Step 11: Gravity Is Tasty

In this seed you spawn in an awesome cave with a waterfall!
Seed: gravity is tasty



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    I like the name of the seed school sucks not only because it is true to me but the seed looks good.

    Try this seed: house

    Go to the north east cave from your spawn point. You'll find coal, iron, gold, diamond, lapis lazuli, redstone and emerald ore

    Try this seed: house

    Go to the cave north east of your spawn and you'll find coal, iron, gold, diamond, lapis lazuli, redstone and emerald ore

    Try this seed: mansion

    It's got a cave with coal, iron, redstone, gold and diamond ore

    It's also got pumpkins and rose bush (all near spawn point)

    Try this seed: wwe

    It's got some caves with coal & iron ore and pumpkins

    Most Minecraft people know that seed BTW. no offence

    r they on Infinite or Old

    orlandobloom drops you on an island with no trees surrounded by ocean

    Awesome dude!!!

    OH MAH GAWD Another!!! God it is hard to keep up with these! And who knew that school sucks is not just good for saying!

    Thanks for the seeds they are really cool did you find them

    1 reply

    Most of them were from the forums but i did fine some of them, thanks for checking out my instructable!