Picture of Minecraft Pe Seeds
Im going to be showing you guys a list of some of my favorite seeds!
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Step 1: Its a pig

Picture of its a pig
This seed is really cool! Its a huge floating island! Seed: its a pig (no caps!)

Step 2: I Am A Belieber

Picture of I Am A Belieber
14, 9:24 PM.jpg
This seed has great overhangs, water and lava falls and has some floating islands!
Seed: I Am A Belieber

Step 3: Infinity

Picture of infinity
14, 9:24 PM.jpg
This awesome seed has awesome waterfalls and overhangs! Seed: infinity (no caps!)

Step 4: Sky City Walk

Picture of Sky City Walk
This seed has an awesome floating island!
Seed: Sky City Walk

Step 5: BBB

Picture of BBB
14, 9:24 PM.jpg
This seed is similar to infinity
Seed: BBB

Step 6: Time

Picture of time
This seed is great for building! A really nice flat seed. Seed: time (no caps!)

Step 7: Broarmy

Picture of broarmy
14, 9:24 PM.jpg
This seed has a ton of floating islands and even has a lava fall! Seed: broarmy (no caps!)

Ps. The picture got cut off, its way cooler than it looks, Check it out!

Step 8: Spinny

Picture of spinny
14, 9:24 PM.jpg
This seed has a ton of iron and coal that you can see on the surface! Seed: spinny (no caps!)

Step 9: Srm

Picture of srm
14, 9:24 PM.jpg
This seed has a ton of floating islands!
Seed: srm

Step 10: Nyan

Picture of nyan
14, 9:30 PM.jpg
This seed is a really cool seed with lava falls and water falls! Seed: nyan (no caps!)

Step 11: Drowndrowndrown123

Picture of drowndrowndrown123
14, 12:04 PM.jpg
This seed has a really cool overhang and has some water falls and a lava fall!
Seed: drowndrowndrown123 (no caps!)

Step 12: Finished

Finished but still want more seeds? Check out my other instructables! Thanks for coming to my ible, ill see ya next time!
Camimunz1 month ago
I found an awesome seed called 818778. It has a Mesa, savanna, and plains biomes, lots of flowers, a mineshaft, iron, and two villages. In the blacksmith are apples, iron pick axe, iron leggings, bread, and obsidian. So cool! There is also lots of clay and water.?
Flappy0044 months ago


that awesome

Tammy04224 months ago

very nice seed

Anyone have a good seed on pocket edition with jungle in it?


twins is a seed with a jungle and sand village at spawn

I found another cool seed : 0xffff-1

lislis3821 year ago

yeah ive already tried all of them but cool

frodo98791 year ago

I used spinny and i have about 12 iron blocks. It isn't all on the surface, but all i did was strip mine

Shroomers (author)  frodo98791 year ago
Nice!, yeah ive found over 50 blocks of iron, its crazy!

Crazy generous.

It's a pig is by far the best seed
brandt e1 year ago