Picture of Minecraft Pe Survival Island Seed
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Step 1:

The seed is detailed. Exactly how I spelled it. When your on survival the only animal you get is a chicken. There is two trees on the main island and one tree on a really small island to the right of the main island. Then in one of the corners there is a floating ice sheet. I know a phew more survival island seeds but they will be in a different instructable thingy.

Step 2: The Chicken

Picture of The Chicken

Step 3: Main Island

Picture of Main Island

Step 4: Small Island

Picture of Small Island

Step 5: Ice Sheet

Picture of Ice Sheet
milkdud559 days ago
Do youhave the multipler app
Phoenix10925 days ago
The seed is called detailed
jaredcase7 months ago

whats the seed

jaredcase7 months ago

whats the seed

sf49ers9 months ago
There ARE two trees.
Where is the seed?